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Direct marketing powered by AI

1 in 3 marketers say they're too dependent on Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Amazon — State of Digital Advertising 2021, Criteo

What We Do

What we do

Google Ads and Facebook Ads target cold audiences. There's no trust or value there, for anyone.

We're crafting a new form of marketing that's highly customized and hyper-targeted, built off trust and data. HiveSkill delivers context-driven marketing campaigns to pre-qualified leads from our industry-leading consumer database.

Our intensive AI-powered audience profiling sorts contacts into "buckets" of interest, creating the best audience for your company's story.


HiveSkill powers your marketing efforts — all you need to do is close the deal.

Our Hive, a Customer Relationship Management system and database hybrid, has several tools your company can use to boost your direct one-to-one marketing efforts. With every client we work with, our database grows and learns, creating a positive feedback loop of highly engaged contacts.

Our solution includes:

  • An extensive contact database with over 1 million vetted leads
  • Automated outreach to potential high-value customers
  • Emotionally intelligent AI capable of processing feedback from contacts
  • Smart, personalized email campaign delivery to warm, responsive contacts


Michael Fanning

Michael Fanning, Founder

  • Previously worked in QA and software development at Zelgor, a media startup
  • B.A. candidate at Bentley University, majoring in Business

Sophia Becker, Manager

  • Seasoned marketing and strategy expert skilled in building and promoting brands that drive sustainable growth and profitability.
  • Leads strategy at HiveSkill to drive an outstanding customer experience and forge key partnerships
Will Kellett

Will Kellett, Technology

  • 20+ years as a disruptive technology designer, data scientist, business developer, and engineer.
  • 3x CTO, experienced in leading IT initiatives to increase operational excellence and cost effectiveness
Patrick Cahill

Patrick Cahill, Sales

  • Expertise in Business Planning, Enterprise Software, Sales, E-commerce, and Entrepreneurship
  • 20+ years as Managing Director of Mac Venture Group, helping hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses enhance their sales, profits, and operational effectiveness
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